SANI Mumbai - Plastic Free Week challenge!

26 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER 2020 #PlasticFreeWeekSI

The #PlasticFree Week Challenge is a Global Challenge hosted by the Swedish Institute, Stockholm and its Alumni Chapters across the world from Japan and Russia to Bangladesh and Kenya upto Columbia and Argentina.

The Plastic Free Week challenges YOU to live without using any disposable plastics for at least a week. The objective of the challenge is to make each one realise the amount of plastic we are surrounded with on a daily basis. The activities planned for the challenge week aim to create awareness about the negative impacts of plastic on the environment, and at the same time, offer a fun way for the participants to upcycle/recycle plastic while networking with each other.

Discover innovative upcycling / recycling information activities from Sweden Alumni Network India (SANI) Chapters - Mumbai, Kerala, Maharashtra and Bangalore. Are you in? Join as individuals or groups, personal pr professionals, students or practitioners!

Use the hashtag #PlasticFreeWeekSI when posting pictures and videos. Join Now!

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Challenge Details

Challenge Kick Start - 17th Oct 2020: 10am to 12pm. The kickoff event will have the Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai, Anna Lekvall, share some insights from Sweden and sustainability. 

This event will see enthusiastic young students showcase their own innovations to combat the menace of plastic. One of them would be a demonstration of making bottle bricks using discarded plastic bottles and other waste material to reduce the plastic being sent to landfills. 

Alumni Members of SANI Mumbai and other SANI Chapters would also get an opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts along with the Business Sweden and Swedish Institute team who will join from Stockholm. 

Challenge Week 26th - 31st Oct 2020 

Observe and celebrate the week through activities like: 

  • Live Plastic free and share your experiences on social media with #PlasticFreeWeekSI  #SANIMumbaiSaysNOPlastic 
  • Create awareness about the challenge and ask others to participate! Use creative methods to discuss and debate, competition and quizzes, poetry and art and more!
  • Make as many Bottlebricks as possible - Individuals can either make it themselves or get community workers / school students to make the Bottlebricks from which useful / decorative items can be made. 
  • Collect Plastic waste and dispose responsibly or repurpose them! Connect with your local recyclers and let others know about them too!
  • Purchase and promote products made from recycled plastic! Find fun, funky and/or functional items and share with us!

Grand Finale - 4th Nov 2020 

Applaud, Appreciate and Celebrate the good work done  and share learnings which can be adopted by all. Participate in the presentation of certificates and prizes to the top performers of the week. Discover friends and heroes that are saving our planet!

You can still participate in the Challenge even though you may have missed the Kickoff meeting which was organised to share information about the Challenge.

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Please note that you can sign up at anytime.... even until the last day and hour (though would request to not wait that long!! 😊) The earlier you sign the more you can be a part of.